MANY Companies ARE enjoying the benefits of EquipCoat™

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In 1993, Frank "Sonny" Wicks developed the Crystal Shield System™, which is a technique in applying polymer clear protective coating on heavy construction  equipment, school buses and other types of commercial equipment. In continuously improving maintenance processes,
Sonny worked with two other product developers in creating EquipCoat™ to help increase the service life of commercial equipment. 

For more than two decades, our product development team has been involved in the manufacturing and application of polymer (plastic) clear resins.  Each of our three team members has more than 20 years of experience in maintaining heavy equipment, school buses and various metal substrates . We understand the importance of ensuring the longevity of these assets, so collaboratively we developed an exclusive polymer clear resin called EquipCoat™. 

Used by clients worldwide, dealers of heavy equipment and school buses are currently using EquipCoat™ to restore faded paint color and gloss. It is also used to protect equipment and increase the overall service life. To prevent rust, EquipCoat™ creates a barrier preventing corrosive materials from contacting metals and paint.

The application of EquipCoat™ is a quick, efficient process that is extremely cost effective and profitable for the applicator and the end user. Let us show you how companies are profiting by using EquipCoat™ to protect their customers assets as well as for their own personal use.