School Bus

EquipCoat™  restores the exterior paint gloss and will exceed your states recommended specifications for paint gloss.

​Yellow paint has been recognized as a highly visible safety paint, but only if is's a glossy yellow!

Faded paint or rust can make a well-maintained school bus look unmaintained and unsafe. Fading yellow paint on school buses is typically the result of washing with degreasing detergents, environmental weather conditions, road salt, pollution, or the age of the bus.  

Repainting a bus is a costly process, but a cost-effective alternative to painting or  polishing is to apply EquipCoat™.  In just a few hours, you can restore the paint color and bring the gloss up to state-mandated standards for gloss (30 GU @ 60 degree minimum).

If your buses have rust problems due to road or sea salt, coating the outside bus body with EquipCoat™ will protect the paint and keep ice-melting compounds, such as salts sodium chloride and and calcium chloride, from contacting the metal.

Your company personnel can be instructed and or trained on how to apply EquipCoat™  The application on a 65 passenger school bus is low cost and can be completed in as little as 4 hours. Once coated EquipCoat™  will provide many years of protection, keeping buses looking shiny new, with a no wax finish that is easy to clean . Even graffiti can be easily removed!

​​EquipCoat™ was applied to this district school bus in  Florida. The picture shows the before and after application, demonstrating a drastic improvement to the paint color and gloss.