Frequently asked questions


Is this the same clear coat used on cars?
 No, EquipCoat™ is a type of plastic polymer resin similar to lacquer clear coat in appearance 
and durability but unlike automotive clear coat it is very flexible and will not will not peel, crack or flake off.

 How long will it last?
  EquipCoat™ can last for years, but it really depends on what climatic and
storage conditions the equipment is exposed to. EquipCoat™ has U/V  blockers to control paint fade  and is not affected by most chemicals.  A few of these are salts, fertilizers, acids such as hydrochloric, sulfuric, and phosphoric and bases such hydroxides of sodium, potassium nitrate, and Urea. 

Will EquipCoat™ stop the rust?
 EquipCoat™ is a durable polymer clear resin that will seal the metals and paint so moisture and chemicals won't contact them. Therefore it will greatly reduce rust and corrosion.

 Will EquipCoat™ work on paint that's very faded?
 EquipCoat has a wet look, so it will deepen paint color and restore the gloss. You can test this concept by wetting the faded paint with water. This will give you an ideal how it might look when coated.

How is coated equipment maintained? Do we need to wash equipment that has been coated,
and if so, what type of soap should be used?
 Yes, washing or at least rinsing with water is good. Many companies use a fireman's hose or pressure washer with a fan tip to remove dirt and contaminants. Any soap that is safe for a car finish will work. Automated washing systems are just fine to use.The use of solvent-based cleaner/degreasers are not recommended. 

Can we apply EquipCoat™ ourselves?
Yes, there are companies doing just that! They are applying  EquipCoat™ for customers who have purchased new equipment that will be used in a corrosive environment. They also use it to restore  color and gloss on older used equipment. 

What's involved to get started, is it a franchise?
 No, we are not a franchise, there are no license fees, no minimum product orders, and no restrictions for using our products. Application instructions will be provided, and we are available to come to you for professional on-site training.

How long has EquipCoat™ been around?
  EquipCoat™ is the product name of our polymer clear resin. We have been using clear polymer resin since 1990. During these many years and just like land lines to pocket mobile phones have evolved new chemical science has brought forth a better product, a product we now call  EquipCoat™

What is the Crystal Shield System™?
 The Crystal Shield System™ had its start in 1993. It is the standard application process
used to successfully apply EquipCoat™. The process involves evaluating and testing the condition of the surface to be coated. Then our experienced team uses our case-study protocol to recommend which process is best suited for the application of EquipCoat™.